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The Spanish Alphabet/ El alfabeto

Click on a letter to hear it spoken in Spanish.

Letter Name Listen
A "A"
B "Be"
C "Ce"
Ch "Che"
D "De"
E "E"
F "Efe"
G "Ge"
H "Hache"
I "I"
J "Jota"
K "Ka"
L "Ele"
LL "Elle"
M "Eme"
N "Ene"
Ñ "Eñe"
O "O"
P "Pe"
Q "Cu"
R "Erre"
S "Ese"
T "Te"
U "U"
V "Uve"
W "doble u" n/a
X "Equis" n/a
Y "I griega"
Z "Zeta"

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Atlanta, Georgia

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